At Ferne Health, we introduce modern services to screen sexually transmitted infections and encourage people to practice safe sex. With your privacy and convenience being our top priority, we are here to provide a true companion to your sexual health.

About Us

Ferne Health is a Singapore based company that delivers at-home consulting and screening services for sexual health. We started in January 2020 and hope to become the first sexual health companion for everyone in Asia. We never stop listening to our customers’ voices and learning from the experts –– so here we are –– delivering the most convenient services to your place with full privacy! No more long waits in the clinic and awkward conversations about your sex history. It’s your health, it’s your rules.

Founder Story

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 5.29.50 PM.png
Xi Liu

CEO and Founder

Amazon, Adobe

Master of Product development

Carnegie Mellon University 

I grew up in China, and moved to the United States at 22. The first time when my primary doctor suggested I should do a full check of STDs during my annual exam, I was very surprised, even a little shocked. In my mind it should only be recommended to people who constantly have multiple sexual partners, those who live a “high-risk” lifestyle.

Driven by curiosity, I started having more conversations of sexual health with my friends. The lack of sex education and culture stigma of sexual health are way more concerning in Asia, which eventually drove me to take matters into my own hands to build a more accessible healthcare solution for it.