Contraceptive Patch

From 54.00

If you are sexually active and not intending to start a family, the contraceptive patch is a convenient birth control method.


The contraceptive patch releases hormones into your body to prevent pregnancy. It is a safe and convenient birth control method when you use it correctly. Stick the patch onto your skin that is clean and dry and go about your day as per normal.


Get your refills from $54 a month. Please note that 3- and 6-month packs are suitable for those looking at birth control patch refills. If you are looking to start on birth contraceptives, a 1-month pack is recommended to ensure your suitability.


Talk to our doctor about your options and which pill would work best for you. Get it prescribed after your online consultation and delivered to your doorsteps within 4 hours.


Please note that in Singapore, a valid doctor's prescription is required when purchasing contraceptive pills. Each purchase is inclusive of a $20 consultation fee.