Libido Test For Men


Changes in your hormone levels may create much distress as your desire for sex decrease persistently. If you are affected by the level of libido, or sexual desire, you can screen your hormone levels to help improve your libido.

Collection method:

On-site blood collection at your home, or at our partner clinic in Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar.


This Libido Test measures levels of Testosterone, Estradiol (E2), Progesterone, T4, Cortisol, Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinising Hormone (LH), Prolactin, and Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate (DHEAS) in your blood. These hormones have a significant impact on both sex drive and erectile function.


This test requires an on-site blood collection.


On-site blood collection will be performed by our phlebotomist at your home or any preferred location. All phlebotomists have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


Alternatively, you could also come to get tested at our partner clinic in Tanjong Pagar.


Step 1

Book your preferred service online.


Step 2

Complete an online Health Records Assessment at your earliest convenience. The link to the assessment form can be found on the confirmation email.


Step 3

Our phlebotomist will meet you at your specified place and time to assist you with the blood collection.


Step 4

Receive your results in full privacy. An online consultation is included with every purchase.


There is no magic number to define low sex drive. Declining hormones, job stress, relationship issues, and other health problems may take a toll on your sexual desires. The key to establishing low libido is how you feel about your level of sexual desire.


Common symptoms of low libido include:

  • Having no interest in any type of sexual activity, including masturbation

  • Never or only seldom having sexual fantasies or thoughts

  • Being concerned by your lack of sexual activity or fantasies

  • Erectile dysfunction in men


Cancellation or reschedule has to be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled time.


This service is non-refundable.

Your Results

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Reviewed by Doctors
Our partner clinic will be reviewing all samples and screening results.
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Full Privacy
Results will be delivered to you with full privacy. Your results will be between you and the doctors. Learn more
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Results Consultation
A doctor consultation is included with every kit purchase.
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Tell Your Partner Anonymously
If you tested positive, we could help you anonymously message your sexual partners in the past few months to notify them that they may have been exposed to an STD. This is at your request, we will not send anything on your behalf unless you give consent.

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