Can You Get Pregnant the First Time You Have Sex?

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Have you ever wondered, “Can you get pregnant the first time you have sex?” It’s a common question. Keep reading to get the answer, as well as recommendations to reduce your risk of unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Can you get pregnant the first time you have sex?

Many young adults understand the basic foundations of sex education, but misconceptions still abound. For example, a young woman may ask, “Can you get pregnant your first time having sex?” and hear misinformation about how being a virgin makes it impossible to get pregnant.

The straightforward answer is that, yes, a woman can get pregnant the first time she has sex. Anytime ovulation happens pregnancy can occur, and this includes the first time a person has sex.

Chances of getting an STD after first-time sex

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are a potential consequence of sexual intercourse. Most STIs are transmitted through contact with fluids, such as vaginal fl