Guide to safe anal sex

Anal sex

Anal sex is sexual intercourse involving the anal region. This includes not only penile penetration, but also includes fingering, sex toys as well as oral contact (aka rimming). It is a popular sexual activity, and anyone of all sexual orientation can enjoy anal sex. While it is often considered a taboo and some may even think that anal sex is painful, it should not be seen that way and can be pleasurable for both partners.

For the purposes of this article, the giver is defined as the one penetrating the anus, while the receiver is the one being penetrated.

Beginner’s guide to anal sex

This guide provides an overview of some tips and tricks to incorporate into your life if you are thinking of having anal sex for the first time. It is good to use this guide with an open mind; you are encouraged to discuss your concerns openly with professionals or people that you trust. In addition, if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable at any stage when you are exploring anal sex for the first time, please know that you are able to pause and take a step back at any point. Please also approach anal sex with an open mind - if you dislike it the first time it does not always necessarily mean that it is not for you