Safe Sex Kit - Holiday Edition

Safe Sex Kit - Holiday Edition

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$31.50Sale Price

We are launching a special gift for our women customer on this special holiday:


The kit would include: 

1. 50ml organic personal lubricant 

2. A pack of condoms coming in a discreet package

3. 50ml hand sanitizer

4. A pack of cleaning wipes

5. A holiday scented essential candle


This is a pre-order product, and we will ship the kits before the holidays per your order request :)



    As a woman myself, I have never purchased a condom in any store, even though I know exactly where to get them.


    Explaining my sexual history to my doctors is already embarrassing enough, especially when I encounter an old-school one who gives me a judgemental look, and I can't imagine how I would feel comfortable buying a condom. Not to mention waiting in a long queue with a box of condom in my shopping basket! Many women buy random snacks and sanitary products to avoid the awkwardness.


    However, we are all aware of how IMPORTANT it is to have condoms handy. Not only to avoid the awkward moment of not having condoms available at a heated moment, or protect ourselves from the risk of having unprotected sex, and it also makes it more hygiene to play with your toys.


    As the holidays are almost at here, we are launching a last-minute special gift for all ladies –– a safe sex kit (holiday edition)! No more condom embarrassment, and enjoy the intimacy with your love without holdbacks!

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