Throat Swab Instructions

Preparing for sample collection

• Read all instructions before you begin.

• Do not pre-wet the swab with the PCR media or any other liquid before obtaining the throat sample.

• Handle the transport tube carefully, the media inside the tube can cause irritation if contacted with skin or other body parts. If the contents of the tube are spilled on your skin, wash the affected area with soap and water. If the contents of the tube splash into your eyes, flush them with water immediately.

1 Wash your hands with soap and water before getting started. Dry them with a paper towel.
2 Hold the swab with the black score line above your hand.
3 Look in the mirror, say “Ahh...” and insert the swab into your mouth, rub the swab tip on the arcs of your throat on both sides of the uvula at least 5 times. It’s ok if you gag.
4 Withdraw the swab carefully without touching the inside of your cheeks or tongue. Do not let the swab touch any surface before placing it into the collection tube.
5 While holding the swab in the same hand remove the cap from the PCR media tube.
6 Lower the swab into the tube until the score line on the swab is aligned with the tube rim. The tip of the swab should not be submerged into the liquid prior to breaking the shaft.
7 Carefully leverage the swab against the rim to break the swab shaft at the score line. Discard the top portion of the swab.
8 Tightly re-cap the tube. The sample is now ready for return.
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