Genital Herpes Treatment


Genital Herpes primarily spread through sexual contact and is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STI).


This treatment is only suitable for those who have been previously diagnosed with herpes.


We recommend you to do a sexually transmitted disease (STD) test that screens for Herpes, along with other common STDs, if you observe symptoms such as sores and discharge at genital area.


Heal the sores and reduce the frequency of Genital Herpes. Get the treatment prescribed after an online consultation and delivered to your doorsteps.


Please note that in Singapore, a valid doctor's prescription is required when purchasing Genital Herpes Treatment. Each treatment is inclusive of a $20 prescription consultation fee. 


Step 1

Book an online consultation with our doctor.


Step 2

Connect with our doctor online to determine if the treatment is suitable for you.

Step 3

Get the treatment delivered to your doorsteps within 4 hours after the online consultation.


Free shipping in Singapore within 4 hours after an online consultation.

If the doctor has determined that treatment is not suitable for you, full refund will be granted.


Not sure which treatment is more appropriate for you? Book a tele-consultation and speak with our doctor to find out.