Female Urine Collection Instructions

Preparing for sample collection

• Read all instructions before you begin.

Do not urinate for at least one hour prior to sampling.

Do not clean the labial area prior to sampling.

Important notes

Do not collect sample while menstruating.

Do not touch the inside of the urine cup.

• Please arrange urine sample return within 24 hours after collection to get better quality results.

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1 Wash your hands with soap and water before getting started. Dry them with a paper towel.
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2 Start urinating into the toilet. Don’t collect the first part of your urine stream.
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3 Collect the middle part of the urine stream. Without stopping your urine stream, urinate into the cup until it’s half full.
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4 Finish urinating in the toilet.
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5 Tightly re-cap the cup. The sample is now ready for return.